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Zimmermann, Hoffmann to face off in April for County Supervisor

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Mike Zimmermann and Brian Hoffmann will face off in the general election in April for the Sheboygan County Board of Supervisors.

Kohler resident Zimmermann, who also serves as a Kohler Village Board Trustee, garnered the most votes both in Kohler and overall for District 20, which includes Kohler, Town of Wilson Wards 3 & 4, and Town of Sheboygan Ward 10. Incumbent Brian Hoffmann, from the Town of Wilson, came in second place by 22 overall votes. Candidate Patrick Johnson, also a Kohler resident who serves on the school board, received the second-highest number of votes in Kohler but was unable to capture enough votes in incumbent Brian Hoffmann’s hometown of Town of Wilson. See the below table for the breakdown for all three candidates.

Three Kohler voters chose to enter write-ins for the Sheboygan County Supervisor: Scott Scheuren, Joe Sell, and J. P. Drevline.

For State Supreme Court Justice, incumbent Daniel Kelly, who was appointed by former governor Scott Walker, received the most votes both in Kohler (231) and statewide (352,860). He will face Jill Karofsky in the general election in April. Karofsky received 120 votes in Kohler, and 261,721 statewide. Ed Fallone was eliminated in the primary, receiving 36 votes in Kohler, and 89,181 statewide.

Voter turnout was low around Sheboygan County, averaging between 18-27%. State voter turnout was only 21%. Of the 1,483 eligible voters in Kohler, only 397 (27%) voted in Tuesday’s primary. The Village of Random Lake had the highest voter turnout (29%), and the Town of Sheboygan Falls had the lowest (17%). Kohler tied for second-highest voter turnout with three other municipalities: Village of Cascade, Town of Holland, and Village of Waldo.

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