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Younger age groups see highest jump in County’s COVID-19 cases

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Positive COVID-19 test results reported by the Sheboygan County County Division of Public Health Health and Human Services are showing in increase in the infection rate among younger age groups for the past five days.

The 20-39 age group has seen the highest increase since July 10. Their numbers jumped from 35 on July 10 to 128 today for a total of 93. The 40-59 age group increased from 84 on the 10th to 106 today for a total increase of 22. Age 0-19 increased by 13. Age 60-79 increased by 9. And 80+ only increased by 2. (See table below).

Today saw the second highest spike in the percentage (14%) of COVID-19 tests coming back positive in Sheboygan County since June 1st. Out of 150 test results reported by the County today, 21 were positive.

The percent positive graph shows the percentages of tests that come back positive (blue lines) compared to the number of test results (yellow lines). We want to see more yellow such as on 6/19, where only about 2% of the tests came back positive. The blue lines show the infection rate increasing in proportion to the number of returned tests.

Statewide, percentages were down from 7% yesterday to 6% today. There was one death, down from 6 deaths yesterday after two days of 0 deaths on Sunday and Monday.

Below: Increases by age groups since July 10



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