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Voluntary subscription drive allows readers to support The Kohler Villager

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Since 2005, The Kohler Villager has been mailed free of charge to all residents and businesses in Kohler. About a year ago The Plymouth Review, which had been printing The Kohler Villager, shut down its aging printing presses and farmed all its papers, including this one, to a new printer. As a result, printing costs have doubled.

Because of the internet and other marketing options like direct mail, newspapers everywhere are seeing their advertising revenue stagnate or decrease. Many local newspapers have gone out of business, or ceased printing and switched to an online-only format.

The recent reader survey conducted by The Kohler Villager indicated that the vast majority of Kohler residents prefer the print edition over an online-only version, which would be much more economical to produce. Raising advertising rates probably would not make up the difference, and may dissuade some businesses from advertising at all.

Implementing a reader subscription fee is not practical or a cost-saver for a number of reasons. Instead, The Kohler Villager is inviting readers to voluntarily contribute toward offsetting the cost of postage. The Kohler Villager receives a special bulk rate for mailing papers within the 53044 zip code, so the cost per person would only be about $5 per year.

If you would like to make a voluntary payment of $5 or more, visit, or mail your contributions to:
The Kohler Villager
219 Church St.
Kohler, WI 53044

Thank you for supporting The Kohler Villager!

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