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Village working on updating ordinances for property maintenance and parking of recreational vehicles

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The Village has been in the process of updating property maintenance ordinances that promote the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

One ordinance prohibits accumulation of junk that is publicly visible on private properties, which has been an issue in some neighborhoods. It also addresses the prevention of soil erosion leading to pooling of stagnant water, as well as prevention of noxious weeds, grass that has grown more than six inches, rodent infestation, and home exteriors that are in ill-repair, including fences and walls. All exterior surfaces will be required to be maintained in good condition and protected from the elements to avoid unsightly peeling paint, rust, corrosion, and staining.

The ordinance will also require that all homes have clearly visible address numbers.

The second ordinance being updated relates to parking and storage of trailers and recreational vehicles on private properties or parked on streets.

The ordinance would require that trailers (including camping trailers), recreation vehicles, boats, etc., may only be parked on homeowners’ properties long term if they are parked on a paved area. They may only be parked on the street with approval from the police chief, and then may only remain on the street for no more than 96 hours per event.

Disassembled, inoperable, unlicensed, junked or wrecked motor vehicles, truck bodies, tractors, trailers or farm machinery sitting out in the open on private property within the Village will not be allowed after ten days with the exception of licensed automotive repair or storage businesses located in properly zoned areas.

The amended ordinances still must be approved by the Finance Committee which meets on the second Monday of each month, then the Village Board which meets on the third Monday of each month will next move to the Plan Commission for a public hearing on Thursday, September 12 at 4:30 p.m.

Residents wishing to weigh in on these ordinances should attend these meetings and take advantage of the public comment session at the beginning of each meeting. Or, submit a signed communication to the Village Clerk to be added to the packet that is distributed to board members. Calling the Village to complain or sending anonymous letters doesn’t accomplish much, as they are not being recorded for discussion by the committees and board. Residents who are serious about offering input that leads to changes or improvements won’t mind having their concerns or recommendations on record for the committees and board to consider. The change in the ordinance regarding accumulating junk in yards came about as a result of residents attending and speaking at meetings.

Click image to view PDF of ordinances:

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