Village View, July, 2019

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    Village Meetings Scheduled for July
    7/8      Property Committee       5:30 pm
    7/8      Finance Committee          6:00 pm
    7/11     Planning Commission      4:30 pm
    7/15     Village Board                      6:00 pm
    All meetings are held at Kohler Village Hall, 319 Highland Drive, unless otherwise indicated.

    2nd Installment Real Estate Tax Payments: If you didn’t pay your real estate taxes in full, the second installment of your tax bill is due July 31, 2019. Payments can be made in person at the Sheboygan County Treasurer’s Office, 508 New York Avenue, Sheboygan. If paying by mail, the payment must be post marked on or before July 31, 2019, checks or money orders only, payable to the Sheboygan County Treasurer, 508 New York Avenue, Sheboygan, WI 53081. Second installment payments cannot be accepted at the Village of Kohler Clerk-Treasurer’s Office. If you have any questions regarding payment of property taxes, please call the Sheboygan County Treasurer’s Office at 920-459-3015.

    Office Hours
    The Village Offices will be closed July 4, 5, and the afternoon of July 16. Regular office hours are Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4pm.

    The KPD is always receiving complaints from residents about being “scammed” either over the telephone or over the internet. These are very difficult cases to investigate. In many cases, the perpetrator is located oversees. State and Federal authorities are reluctant to get involved in these cases unless the monetary loss is extreme. The best way to deal with these fraudulent schemes is to prevent them.  The FBI has an extensive web page to aid in such prevention. Please visit :

    Privately purchased “caution” or “slow” signs.  We have noticed that some residents have purchased such signs on their own and have them displayed outside their residence near the street. These signs are becoming more and more popular at big box stores – like Kohler’s Home Depot. Please be aware that these signs should not be placed directly in the street. Please also educate your children about safety in the streets. Some children seem to be getting a false sense of safety/security, relying on the new sign to “protect them” instead of giving the respect to cars driving through the neighborhood. As more and more of these signs appear, they lose their effectiveness and merely become “white noise” to drivers.


    The Clearing Subdivision is the newest subdivision being developed by Kohler Co. starting on July 8th.  It is located north of the Kohler Cemetery, west of Woodland Road. Please drive cautiously and be aware of construction traffic.

    Mulch is available for $10 per yard plus tax, delivered. Call 459-3873 to place an order. Deliveries are Friday mornings only.

    As a reminder, brush (tree branches) must be neatly piled in four-foot lengths on the curb. The maximum diameter is six inches. No brush with thorns will be picked up. Thorny material must be cut up and put in the cart with the green lid. Brush not complying will be tagged and not picked up. Leaves must also be placed in the green lid cart as well. Do not rake leaves and debris into the street; curbside leaf collection is in the fall only.

    One temporary “garage sale” or “for sale” sign shall be permitted on each lot. Signs located on public property will be removed by the Public Works Department or Police Department.

    A reminder that building permits are required for new structures, additions, remodeling, accessory structures, pools, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, siding, roofing, fences, signs, modifications over $1,000 in market value, and driveways. Any questions about building permits and/or permit fees can be directed to Brett Edgerle at 459-3881 or Permit application forms are also available on our website

    Storable swimming pools, require an annual $50 permit. A storable pool is any pool, which holds 1000 gallons of water or more. Storable pools must be located 35 feet from all lot lines and meet ALL electrical codes for the pump.

    According to Village Ordinance 8.24, it is the duty of every homeowner to destroy all noxious weeds on their property before they go to seed. Examples of noxious weeds are Canadian thistle, English charlock, wild mustard, creeping jenny, goats beard and cotton-bearing trees. Also, grass that exceeds six-inches in height is in violation of this ordinance. The Village gives a five-day notice to the homeowner to mow their grass. Otherwise, the Village will mow at the expense of the homeowner.

    It is a requirement of the Village of Kohler’s Storm Water Permit that the public be educated of harmful illicit discharges to the storm water system. An illicit discharge would be the dumping of any chemical, pet waste, or hazardous substance into the street or a storm basin inlet. The substance would eventually make its way into the Sheboygan River causing a pollution hazard. To report an illicit discharge, please call the Public Works office at 459-3881.


    The theater is being renovated with completion scheduled in late 2019. Please be aware of construction vehicles and material staging adjacent to the theater.

    The Village of Kohler is required to execute a cross connection control (backflow preventer) program to eliminate potable water cross connections. Residential backflow preventers may be required on lawn irrigation systems, wet fire protection systems, hot water heating (boiler) systems, swimming pool fills, water features, etc. Backflow preventers may also be required if there is another water source on the site such as a well, pond, river, etc. Backflow preventers are the property of the water customer and the responsibility lies with the customer for annual testing and maintenance. The water customer must contract with a licensed tester to perform the required annual tests. Most local plumbers are certified to test backflow preventers.

    The contractor hired to oversee Kohler’s backflow program is Aqua Backflow, a nationally-recognized firm located in Elgin, IL specializing in cross connection control management. Aqua Backflow can be reached at 847-742-2296 with any questions. Your Village of Kohler contact, Brett Edgerle, can be reached at 920-459-3881. All water customers will be contacted by Aqua Backflow at some point over the next two years to perform a site survey. Inspectors will be surveying your property to be sure that your water systems are protected from existing or potential cross connections.

    The Kohler Cross Connection Control Program is designed to safeguard public health. We ask for your cooperation with our program, its enforcement, and any requests for access or information that come from Aqua Backflow or Village staff.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding during the theater renovation. During the month of July, the Youth Center will continue to be offering snacks and beverages out of the Kohler Bomber Trailer in the grass area near the pool. The Pool will be in full operation with an altered entrance at the gate near the baby pool. The bathrooms in the Memorial Building will also be under renovation. There will be Port-A-Potties available outside the pool gate for your convenience.

    Access to the Village Gym for July will be through Door 21. Any Changes will be posted on the Kohler Recreation Website and Facebook page as well as the Kohler Villager.

    Registration is Open for the remaining camps and swim lessons!!
    When registering for Recreation Department activities please continue to use our new registration system or stop in the village hall for assistance. When on the recreation page, click on “Register Now”, it will take you to the registration site. On this site you will find: swim lessons, tennis, and summer camps. Once you have set up a family account, your information will be there to use the next time you log in.

    To register for camps brought to Kohler by outside organizations, please go directly to those sites:
    Compass Creative Dramatics:
    July 22 – 26 – Peas and Harmony: The Princess and the Pea (must be returning camper)
    July 29 – Aug 2 – The Jungle Book (1st – 12th grade)
    Kohler Pool
    The pool is open!!! Open swim: Every Day 1:30-7:00pm
    Access the pool through the gate near the outdoor pool. In case of weather, please enter at door 20 in the alley behind the pool.
    Water Aerobics (Access the pool through Door 20 – The small door in the back alley)                      Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 7-8am.
    Monday 5-6 pm and Thursday 8-9am Deep water
    Lap Swim: Monday-Thursday, 8-9am
    Offerings at the pool this summer:
    Swim lesson – group and private – July 8-Aug 1 (2 sessions remain)
    Youth Swim Club – June 17-August 2
    Youth Spring Board Dive Club – June 18-August 1
    KPAL swim Meet – August 1
    KLUB 55
    To register for activities or lunch stop at Village Hall, call 920-459-3873 or email

    Activities at Village Hall, unless noted otherwise
    Mondays-Recreational Ping Pong 1pm
    Tuesdays-Hiking 10am-locations to be announced
    Tuesdays-Ping Pong, Advanced Players 1pm
    Wednesdays-Pickleball 6pm-Tennis Courts
    Thursdays-Cycling 10am-locations to be announced
    Thursdays-Painting with Jay 1:30pm
    Members are free, non-members are $1.

    Friday lunch at Village Hall
    Cost is $5 per person, unless noted otherwise.
    7/19 General Tso’s Chicken
    7/26 Lasagna

    7/9 West of the Lake Garden Tour
    7/12 Trivia Night
    7/18 Majerle’s Black River Grill
    7/24 Kayaking
    7/30 Miniature Garden Class
    7/31 Fishing

    From Manager Rhonda Holland
    Hours of Operation for July 1 through September 1
    Open 7 Days a Week 12:30-6:30pm
    Our temporary trailer is OPEN during construction and is parked just above the tennis courts, next to the pool.   

    What’s inside the Youth Trailer? 
    Our temporary trailer is currently offering a friendly, easy-going and fun environment serving hot dogs, snacks, beverages and assorted candy from 5 cents to one dollar. Our Youth Workers will be happy to help you, so stop on by and say hello!

    This Month’s Menu Highlight: 
    Ball Park Hot Dog Meal (2 beef hot dogs on ball park buns). ALL Meals Include: chips, cookie and Juicy Juice Box, $4.50 per meal

    The Village Board approved the following items during their May 6, 20 and 30 meeting:

  • Operator’s licenses as presented.
  • Committee appointments as presented.
  • Temporary Class B beer license to Kohler Fire Department, 6/25/19.
  • Cigarette, liquor and beer licenses as presented.
  • Hire two part-time summer employees for the Department of Public Works.
  • Purchase two hand-held laser speed measurement devices for $3,990 to be funded by a state grant program.
  • Ordinance No. 2019-9, Regarding No Parking.
  • March 2019 Revenue & Expense reports, bank reconciliation and journal entries.
  • Accept and document the conceptual plan dated 4/26/19 as the route of the Northern Inceptor Sanitary Sewer.
  • Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP engagement letter for water utility rate case.
  • Amendment 2 to the Village of Kohler and Kapur & Associates, Inc. contract for cost estimates, construction documents and specifications for design of the Northern Interceptor Sanitary Sewer, $18,100.
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