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Village extends state of emergency to July – some amenities reopened

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Both Sheboygan County and the Village of Kohler have approved the extension of their State of Emergency orders for COVID-19 until July 21. This order is not the same as Governor Evers’ Safer-at-Home order, which was struck down by the Wisconsin Supreme Court last week. There are no restrictions in the emergency order. It allows expenditures to protect the health and safety of the community, and support in the county’s public health officer to exercise authority if a surge of COVID-19 cases happens and overwhelms hospitals.

Following the state supreme court ruling, Republicans indicated they want local control instead of new statewide regulations to address the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving local community leaders to implement their own plans.

Sheboygan County has introduced its Sheboygan County Safe Restart plan, which provides recommendations to Sheboygan County community members and local businesses to help keep people safe as the community opens up. The plan is based on federal and state guidance. Visit this link to view details.

A release below by Kohler Police Chief and Emergency Management Director Shawn Splivalo indicates that the Village will be following the County’s three-phase plan. It also provides a list of amenities and services that have been reopened in the Village.

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On Monday, March 18, 2020 the Kohler Village Board passed Resolution 2020-4, a resolution ratifying, approving, and extending the emergency management of COVID-19 public health emergency in the Village of Kohler. The extension will be until July 21, 2020. This date is consistent with Sheboygan County’s extension of their emergency management and the projected end to the three phase “Sheboygan Safe Restart Recommendations”.

The Village Board also voted that the Village Board acknowledges and supports the “Sheboygan County Safe Restart Recommendations” based on federal and state guidance to slow the spread of COVID-19 and bring back our economy by using data-driven information designed to safely reopen businesses and organizations throughout the County and the Village of Kohler, and that the Village Board supports the issuance of orders from the Local Public Health Officer under Chapter

252 of the Wisconsin Statutes in the event of a surge in cases or other circumstances requiring the exercise of such Chapter 252 authority.

As a result, we will comply with the Sheboygan Safe Restart Recommendations and continue to work with our surrounding communities as we deal with this public health emergency.

I, the Village of Kohler Emergency Management Director, have been in contact with our local businesses and they are all working on a reopening consistent with the safe restart recommendations.

The Recreation Department is working on summer programs that follow the safe restart recommendations. Please check their website, Facebook, etc. for more information.

The Kohler Public Library is also increasing service and will continue to do so in the coming weeks and phases of the Safe Restart Recommendations. Please check their website, Facebook, etc. for more information.

The Village Hall and Village Clerks will be opening with modified hours. Please check their website for more information.

The Kohler Police Department lobby is open and fully operational. The Kohler Fire Department is available and fully operational.

The Village of Kohler Parks green space is open. The tennis courts are open, but please maintain social distancing. The basketball courts are open, but still restricted to one household per court. The playground equipment is still closed.

I encourage everyone to read the Sheboygan Safe Restart Recommendations. We will try and update everyone as we move through the phases.

Thank you, Shawn Splivalo
Village of Kohler Emergency Management Director

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