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“Upskirting” incident in Kohler leads to arrest of rural Sheboygan Falls man, discovery of more videos

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According to a criminal complaint, on May 30, 2019, the Kohler Police Department received a call from the Asset Protection Lead of a retail store in Kohler reporting that a man appeared to be taking upskirt videos of young females using a camera that was attached to his bag.

A store supervisor told Kohler Police Officer Katie Schoch that he saw a man carrying a bag into the store, which appeared to have a screen on the top flap. When the man would see young females wearing skirts, he would walk up to them while lowering the bag so that it was hanging by a longer shoulder strap. He would then position the bag so that the screen was pointing up the skirts of female shoppers. He then appeared to press a button.The man was followed and stopped by a Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Deputy after leaving the store, and has been identified as 49 year-old David L. Earley, who resides at N5637 Meadowlark Road in Sheboygan Falls. Kohler Police Officer Chad Gross found two cell phones and a brown bag on Earley during a pat-down.

With the help of the store’s security personnel, Officer Gross was able to identify four female victims from two separate occasions occurring on May 26 and 30. The May 26 incident involved an adult female with two daughters accompanying her, and the May 30 incident involved a local school student and an adult female.

A search warrant was executed at Earley’s residence, where multiple items including a desktop computer were found in his basement and turned over Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Detective Brian Judd. Detective Judd found videos on the desktop computer that were recorded at Earley’s workplace — a company within the Village of Kohler. The videos filmed at the workplace showed footage of upskirting, females showering in showers, and a video of a female nursing a baby in a room for nursing mothers. The victim who was recorded in the shower said she believed that video would’ve been taken sometime between May and August of 2018, and said Early was the person responsible for setting up usage of the shower room.

Early has been charged with four counts of Invasion of Privacy and one count of Capture an Intimiate Representation Without Consent. He remains in custody as the investigation continues.

Kohler’s Interim Police Chief David Darin said they are still working very closely with the District Attorney’s Office on many aspects of the case, and they have taken a voluminous amount of evidence into their custody after executing search warrants and conducting many interviews. The District Attorney’s office is not releasing any other names at this time, including the name of the store or Earley’s workplace. More will be reported as information is made available.

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