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Update on Aurora hospital development

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The land deal between Kohler and Aurora Healthcare was finalized about a week ago, and the Village received the first intergovernmental agreement proposal from the City of Sheboygan, which includes sewer, water, streets, police, fire, etc.

An intergovernmental agreement (IGA) is any agreement that involves or is made between two or more governments in cooperation to solve problems of mutual concern.

The next step will be a meeting between the Village president, DPW head and Village attorney to go through the IGA providing some discussion and refinement of the agreement.

Aurora has indicated that it is ready to move forward, but working out which municipality will handle which services presents many challenges, especially in this case, which involves negotiations between four municipalities and a hospital.

The City of Sheboygan has said it wants commitments from Aurora regarding certain things, and the Village is in the middle. The agreement will end up flowing from the city of Sheboygan to the Village, but will also include Sheboygan County and the Town of Sheboygan. Then there will need to be an agreement drawn up between the Village and Aurora regarding who will pay for what, and what is going to happen where. The agreement will then be brought before the board.

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