Tuscan Harvest Wine Dinner at Cucina

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October 3, 2018

La Vendemmia is the term for the harvest time in Italy.  A time when the main agricultural items, grapes and olives, are picked for wine and oil production.  Every town has their own harvest festivals during these times.  Most regions harvest from November to January, but Tuscany harvests in late September / early October.  The major grapes of the region need to be harvested before the valley frosts set in, and the less ripe olives produce less oil, making Tuscan oils rarer.  Fall in Tuscany is magical.  Warm sun kissed days give way to cool crisp nights.  Morning frost, becomes daytime mists, which lift to expose the sunny valleys of vines and olive trees in the afternoon.  Tuscany is also home to some of the best beef in all of Italy.  Most notably in the small area of Chianti Classico known as Panzano.

On October 3rd, join Chef Bill Terranova of Cucina, and special guest chef Guy Arnone, to share this love of the harvest season with a celebration of La Vendemmia Toscana.  Chef Guy and Chef Bill have been colleagues and friends for many years, having worked in kitchens together during Chef Bill’s time in New York City.  Chef Guy is the current Chef de Cuisine at Babbo Ristorante in New York City.  He was also an apprentice to world famous butcher Dario Cecchini, at his location in Panzano.  Together Chef Bill and Chef Guy will fire up the grill and bring the beef.  Paired with beautiful Tuscan wines, guests will experience courses of various cuts and preparations of beef, anointed with top quality Tuscan olive oil, and traditional Tuscan dishes.

Reserve your place now for $79 per person 855-444-2838. Dinner includes wine pairings with each course, anchored by Chef Bill’s favorite wine, the renowned Flaccianello della Pieve from Tenuta Fontodi.

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