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Town and Country Garden Club Presents “Club Appreciation Award” to Kathy Mauer of Kohler

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Town and Country Garden Club of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, recently presented one of their members with a most prestigious “GCA Club Appreciation Award.”

Garden Club of America and Town and Country Club of Sheboygan recognize Kathy as a multi-talented and most gracious member. Kathy has been an extremely active member since she joined in 2011 and has served in many capacities. She uses her gifts particularly well in coordinating and supporting club efforts in Floral Design, Flower Shows and Decorations, and has co-chaired the club’s amazing and successful fundraiser, “Greens, Glitz and Bows.” She has served on Awards, Ways and Means and Program committees.

Kathy’s efforts at the Zone XI Meeting in 2014 deserve special mention as she was instrumental in creating and maintaining the lovely plant mannequin, “Fern”, who greeted guests in several locations and with several outfits. This was just one of many examples of Kathy’s highly creative mind and unique ability to produce genuine works of art using plant medium. At Kathy’s first Art en Fleurs in 2013, she distinguished herself by winning the GCA Novice Award in Horticulture for her delightful fairy garden. Her creativity has been showcased every year at the fundraiser, “Glitz.”  Her centerpieces and decorated holiday trees are always show highlights. The club recognizes her many gifts and talents that she so graciously shares with them. She has been faithful and devoted despite personal hardships; her loyalty to the club is unwavering. The Club Appreciation Award states, “With deep appreciation for loyalty, incredible creativity, and a warm and gracious disposition that nurtures and supports the members of Town and County Garden Club.”

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