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Thank you to Village residents who contributed voluntary subscription payments!

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Larger print newspapers continue to drop like dominoes with layoffs, firings, shutdowns, and bankruptcy (a Politzer Prize winning newspaper in West Virginia just filed for bankruptcy).  Recent changes by Facebook have hurt publishers (and all businesses) that flocked to the platform to reach digital audiences, and a proposed tariff on the import of newsprint from Canada threatens to inflict further damage to the print industry.

The Kohler Villager is continuing to print and mail a copy free to every household and business in the 53044 zip code, but to help offset postage expenses, a call went out for voluntary subscription payments of $5 for the year to help cover the cost of postage. A huge thank you to the 11 residents who answered the call!

Any who would still like to contribute may do so at, or mail or drop off to The Kohler Villager, 219 Church St., Kohler, WI 53044. (A black drop box is located to the left of the front door). If you had trouble using the online form, I made changes that fixed the problem.

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