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Ten more County deaths since yesterday as Evers urges Wisconsinites to return to stay-at-home measures

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The Sheboygan County Health Department reported 10 deaths since yesterday from COVID-19. Two were age 60-69,
three were age 70-79, and five were 80 or over.

There are now 2,078 active cases in the County, and 36 hospitalized. Only one census tract area in the County has had less than 100 total cases (See map below).

State deaths hit another all-time record today with 66. There have been 289 more people hospitalized in the past week. ICU admissions have only gone up slightly.

Nationally, percent positives have doubled to the 8% range after hovering in the 4% range in September and October.

Gov. Tony Evers issued an advisory today recommending people stay home and businesses allow employees to work remotely as the virus surges in the state. Evers said it took seven months to reach 100,000 cases, but it only took 36 days to add another 100,000. He said at the rate we are going, it will only take 20 days to reach another 100,000 cases. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation estimates another 2,500 more Wisconsinites could be lost by the first of the year if no further actions are taken.

Evers said the economy cannot bounce back until we contain this virus, so he issued another executive order urging Wisconsinites to return to the same practices that were implemented in the spring.

Evers said he will soon announce a package of COVID-19 legislation that will provide resources to those who need it.

Read Executive Order #94 here

View Tony Evers’ video address here.

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