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Solved! Trash, recyclables really DO get separated during garbage collection

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A number of Kohler residents who are diligent in separating their trash and recyclables have questioned whether the two separate bins really are being dumped into two separate receptacles during garbage collection.

From ground level, it appears both bins are dumped into one relatively small opening on top of the trucks. The second-story photos (at right), however, show that the opening actually has a metal flap that moves, allowing two separate openings for dumping trash or recyclables. The sound of clanging glass can be heard when the recyclable bin is dumped. So, your recycling efforts are not in vain! Keep up the good work, Kohler!

Brush and tree branch collection will start on April 3. Remember that brush must be neatly piled in four-foot lengths. The maximum diameter is six inches. Thorny material must be cut up and put in the bin with the green lid, not left on the ground. Brush not complying will be tagged and not picked up. Also, there have been a number of complaints regarding the garbage bins being stored in places that affect the aesthetics of neighborhoods. The bins should ideally be stored in garages, but many old garages around Kohler don’t have the room. Other suitable areas include side or back yards, or any other area screened from public view.



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