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School explains addition of 59 open enrollment students

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One of the agenda items for the June 17 school board meeting was to approve a total of 59 open enrollment applications.

With about one-third of the school consisting of open enrollment students, some residents questioned why the school was accepting more, when they thought the school wouldn’t be, especially with construction of The Clearings subdivision beginning. They also felt it would hurt property values because Kohler homes don’t sell as well when families aren’t buying them to get into the school district.

Matt Kautzer, the District’s business manager, explained that the 59 were mostly replacing students that had graduated, moved out of the district, or Kohler students who were transferring to another school through the choice program. In the end, there will only be 2% more students next school year from the last.

Kautzer also explained the first influx of students from The Clearings isn’t expected until 2021-22 year, and the full impact won’t be reached for four to five years as the subdivision is going to be built in phases.

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