School Board minutes for Nov. 12, 2018

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Call to Order

Sharon Reilly called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. in the Kohler HS Choir Room.  The following board members were present:  Sharon Reilly, John Horneck, and Zach Pethan.  Carl Nonhof was absent.  Jane Bishop entered the meeting at 5:45 p.m.Statement of Public Notice

November 9, 2018

Approval of Agenda

Mr. Pethan moved to approve the agenda. Mr. Horneck seconded the motion.  All ayes. Motion carried.

Time to Share

The following students were presented with Certificates of Honor: Cooper Andrews, Jacob Balint, Anna Baxter, Davis Behler, Simran Bhatia, Rachel Boland, Elle Brusse, Eddie Bullard, Aiden Case, Grant Cassady, Ava Childs, Erik Cook, Kate Coppersmith, Rowan Dunbar, Colin Fessler, Hunter Fihn, Allyson Foote, Victoria Garces, Keelin Hamilton, Kirsten Harrington, Claudia Herold, Lauren Jarentowski, Norah Justinger, Clara Kautzer, Mackenzie Kaufman, Cecelia Krumholz, Katie Lacerda, Vanessa Lade, Hannah Lisiecki, Madelyn Magle, Anushka Mangal, Owen Multer, Ella Pierce, Makayla Pierringer, Teague Pilgrim, Brock Romanoski, Taylor Sager, Aiden Scheuren, Kimberly Schipper, Emerson Schueller, Connor Smith, Adelynn Stanley, Stella Strickland, Evelyn Walton, Nick Wandschneider, Truman Warner, Isaac Wieland, Sophia Zhang and Grace Zhang.

Strategic Goals Update

Mrs. Trueblood reviewed the strategic goals.

Board President’s Report

Mrs. Reilly praised Laura Multer for her hard work on the 8th grade courage retreat; congratulated the middle school student council for its support of the Rose Home; and mentioned the Kohler School Friends Craft Fair committee was still in need of volunteers.

Superintendent’s Report (Quynh Trueblood)

Board Member Recognition

Congratulations to Dr. Jane Bishop for achieving Level II of the WASB Member Recognition Program.  The District thanks Dr. Bishop for her efforts in leadership and board development.  I was proud to attend the recognition dinner and fall regional meeting with Dr. Bishop.  We were among good company and are most certainly better served by her efforts.

Giving Thanks

It rings true from Henry Ford:

Coming together is the beginning

Staying together is progress

Working together is success

We are all working together with the best of intentions, with shared values, and our eyes on the prize: students learning and growing.

I thank each of member of the school board for your leadership and support.

It’s remarkable how the staff, students, parents, administrators are building a security minded culture at Kohler Schools. My thanks to everyone for their hard work.

I thank the Kohler High School Chapter of the National Honor Society for choosing me to give the key address at their induction ceremony. I am proud of the 40 members strong chapter.

Tremendous thanks to the associates of the Kohler Co. who are willing partners in a Teacher Externship experience for middle and high school teachers.

I am thankful for the continued partnership between Howards Grove School District and Kohler School District in offering a joint musical for the wider community. This year was unique.  Grease debuted at the new Howards Grove Center for the Arts.  The students did us proud once again and owing to the unwavering support of their communities.


The board will begin its annual comprehensive review of enrollment for 2019-2020 in November. Included in the review are policies, projections, and the open enrollment process and formula.

Professional Development

The middle and high school teachers will participate in  Teacher Externships – the first of its kind.  Teachers will be partnered with professionals in the field from the Kohler Co. to better understand practical application and  post-secondary & career paths.  Elementary teachers will begin the building blocks  for long stays and reunification related to  threat events and continue their work with standards based grading and Skyward gradebook in math and standards based grading in English language arts.

District Master Calendar

The Board will see a calendar for 2019-2020 in January for approval.  Typically a 2 year calendar is proposed.  The Ryder Cup in September 2020 will have significant impact on the community at large.  The administration is in the process of assessing impact.  The master calendar reflects priorities on learning for students and staff and time for families.

School Safety Grant

The WI DOJ awarded the District nearly 39,000 in the second and final round of the School Safety Grant. The majority share of the award is for implementation of a law enforcement direct notification system.

Speaker Series on Safe and Healthy Children

20 parents and community members attended the first of the series featuring Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events.  This presentation by Deputy Brent Multer was a second showing and builds upon the preparedness and response training school staff and students continue to develop and practice.

Upcoming Events:

December 6, 2018: Youth depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention by Mental Health America

January 9, 2019: Parent to Parent: How to Talk to Your Children about Safety by Holly and Brandon Kehoe

February 11, 2019: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in our All-About-Me World by Michele Borba

February 26, 2019: Wake Up Call by Your Choice

March 11, 2019: Drug Addiction: How it Happens & How it Impacts Families presented by Stanley Kaymen

Elementary Principal Report (Lisa Greene)

We would like to thank the Sheboygan County Elk’s Club for once again donating dictionaries to all 3rd grade students at Kohler Elementary. This is a yearly tradition that has a 20 year history. So I am pleased that we can continue to participate in this Sheboygan County tradition.

The elementary teachers have completed their school safety lessons to prepare the children for emergencies should they happen at school. The teachers feel that the lessons were very successful in providing the necessary information and knowledge the students need. We will continue to keep student safety and emergency preparedness as a focus throughout the year.

Project Gratitude was an amazing success this year!  The Kohler community really showed their kindness and generosity as we shipped off 11 boxes of candy, which is a significant increase from the 7 boxes we sent last year!  A huge thank you to Art Imig’s for sponsoring our shipping costs.

We are ready for parent teacher conferences this week.  This is parents’ first look at the standards based math report card.  We had zero people attend the informational session on Oct. 16th, so we expect this new way of reporting out student performance to be very well received. I have a “coffee with the principal” scheduled for Nov. 28th, so I will be looking for some additional feedback from parents at that time.

We are looking forward to Grandparents’/Special person’s Day on Wednesday November 21st.  This is a scheduled half day for students with a noon dismissal. We are looking forward to this very special day with some very special people!

MS-HS Principal Report (Timothy Brown)

  1. The middle and high schools have been laser focused on two of our most important strategic goals, Social and Emotional Learning and Academic and Career Planning.

    Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills and character strengths play a key role in achieving success in school and in life.  The middle school hosted Youth Frontiers to coordinate a Courage Retreat for our 8th grade students.  We had school board members, administration and staff that participated as well. Courage retreat is a day designed to inspire students to follow their hearts instead of the crowd, to use courage to make responsible decisions despite their fears.  This day empowered students to take positive risks to make a healthy difference in our school.  This day was highly successful in that there were multiple reports from staff and parents that they noticed individual acts of kindness in the peer relations of their students.  This was the second year Kohler Middle School hosted this event.

    Moreover, the middle and high schools will be using surveys to better understand the student experience at Kohler.  The middle school is currently using the ACT Tessera survey with all 6-8th grade students.  This survey will provide data and feedback necessary to support student growth, and school SEL improvement efforts.   The high school will be using the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) this spring.   The YRBS monitors six categories of health-related behaviors that contribute to the leading causes of mental health concerns.  Both of these diagnostic tools will help direct our staff in better serving our students.  Also, the high school counseling department will be implementing the Global Appraisal of Individual Needs (GAINS) screener to targeted individuals who meet our data requirements.  The GAINS is an evidence-based, 16-question survey that identifies needs for further assessment in the areas of mental health, substance abuse, and anger management for adolescents.

    Academic and Career Planning (ACP) is the second area that the middle and high school have focused on.  The 7th grade students toured Acuity and all of our middle and high school staff will be participating in a teacher externship this friday.  Teachers will be partnered with professionals in the field to better understand practical application and  post-secondary & career paths.  We are the first school and the only school in the county that is spending time and energy devoted to the professional development of our staff in this capacity.

    I want to thank our two exceptional counselors, Laura Multer and Christine Voice along with Dr. Cindy Payne for their efforts on students for their mental health needs as well as the work they are doing for our staff to best meet the ACP goals of the district.

    Review of District Finances

    The finance committee met on November 9, 2018.  Enrollment was discussed at that meeting.  The discussion will continue at the committee of the whole on November 26, 2018.

    Consent Agenda

    Approval of October 8, 2018 board meeting minutes, October 22, 2018 Budget Hearing/Annual Meeting minutes, and October 22, 2018 board meeting minutes

  2. Approval of Invoices
  3. Report of the Finance committee
    1. No report

Mr. Horneck moved to approve the consent agenda.  Mr. Pethan seconded the motion.  All ayes. Motion carried.

Action and/or Discussion Items

System-wide threat assessment model—Discussion was held regarding communication protocols

Safety & Security follow-up report from July, 2018—Mrs. Reilly tabled the discussion until the December board meeting so the board may attend the 6th grade band concert.  There were no objections.


Dr. Bishop moved to adjourn.  All ayes. The meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m.

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