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Roundabout at CTH “PP” and “A” now expected to open after Labor Day

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The estimated opening date of the new roundabout being constructed at the intersection of county highways “PP” and “A” has been moved ahead to after the Labor Day weekend.

Originally, the roundabout was expected to open the first full week of August, but the curb and gutter installation has taken longer than expected due to delays from a concrete provider. Concrete needs about ten days to cure before asphalt paving can take place.

Once that roundabout opens, the intersection of Highland Drive and Lower Falls Road in Kohler will close for construction of the roundabout that will be installed there. It is expected to reopen some time in October, but completion timetables for road construction should only be viewed as estimates, as many unforeseen factors can pop up during the process, causing a domino effect of delays. The Kohler Villager will keep readers updated.

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