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Realistic Statistics for 9/14

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Nationally, the percent positive tests appear to be decreasing, but Wisconsin and Sheboygan County have seen some surges in the number of tests that are coming back positive. The graphs below (click to enlarge) show percent positives as blue lines, and compares the  U.S. with New York City and Wisconsin. (NYC was the first state to be hardest hit in the spring). Wisconsin hit a record high of positive percentages yesterday at 20.5%. Increased cases at college campus contributed to the spike.

Sheboygan County cases as of 9/9:
Thursday, +8
Friday, +25
Saturday, +17
Sunday, +7
Monday, +30

As of 9/14:
Hospitalized – 9
Deaths – 10
Current active cases –125
Total Confirmed Cases – 1,282
Total recovered – 1,147

There were 17 active investigations in of facilities in the county as of last Thursday.  Six were at long-term facilities, one at “other,” two healthcare facilities, five workplaces, and four schools.

The schools being investigated include:

  • Lakeland University
  • Sheboygan North High School
  • Parkview Elementary
  • Bethlehem Lutheran School

Sheboygan County daily percent positives
(Hover over bars on graphs below to see numbers)


Below: Click different tracts in Sheboygan County to see numbers of cases for those areas

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