Petro Center #5 partners with Kohler Schools for $500 ExxonMobil Educational Alliance Program to enhance math and science curriculum

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ExxonMobil Educational Alliance Program is once again giving out grants this year to schools to help enhance math and science education across the United States. This is the 14th consecutive year for the program. Petro Center has supported four different schools throughout Sheboygan County with $500 checks from Educational Alliance funds this year. In September, Lori Gregoire, manger of Petro Center began working with Debra La Duke, to determine how the funds could best be used to advance math and science programs.

Kohler Elementary School will be using the grant money they received on December 12, 2018, for mini-subscriptions to Kiwi Co. (hands-on science, maker project, magazine, online extensions, and creativity), and Little Passports (a program to enrich the children’s understanding about science). Camp Y-Koda will do a presentation in the classroom on the environment. STEM supplies enrich the lives of children in the field of math and science. Debra La Duke believes learning should be exciting. Kohler public School is known for it’s academic excellence.

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