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The Kohler Villager is pleased to announce the launching of a new-and-improved website for reading the latest Kohler community news and the online print editions of The Kohler Villager.

We’re all familiar with .com domains, but in recent years, new top level domains have been released, and one of them is .news. The Kohler Villager has acquired, which directs mobile users to a new and improved news page featuring the latest Kohler community news blog, as well as an “Interactive Print Edition” version, which offers an easier way to read the twice-monthly print editions. (The print editions are published on the first and third Saturdays of each month, and mailed to everyone in the 53044 zip code).

The clean layout at is more readable on the smallest of smart phones with its large, crisp fonts. No more downloading a pdf to read the archived print versions, or panning and zooming around a page, or being prompted to join Facebook to read the latest news. (Articles will still be shared on social media as links, however).

The primary website at will still serve as the main page for advertising inquiries, deadline dates, archives for the pdf/html5 print versions, etc. offers two convenient ways to read the news:

Option 1:

The “Interactive Print Editions” are online replicas of each page of the printed editions of The Kohler Villager, which are printed twice per month. You will notice the articles are shaded yellow. Clicking those yellow shaded articles will open the corresponding blog post. This option allows readers to see each issue as it appeared in print. At this time the ads are not clickable, but advertisers will be offered a low-cost option to have their ads open to a larger version or take readers to their website.

Option 2:

The latest Kohler-related news doesn’t always make the print editions, so be sure to read the news blog on As you scroll down the home page, you will notice several news “modules.” The first module contains links to the latest Interactive Print Editions. The second module features the “Latest News” (some of which may not make the print editions). After that, you will see modules with articles that correspond with each print edition. For example, you will currently see modules for the September 16 and October 7, 2017 editions that were published. (These are the same articles that open when you click the yellow articles on the interactive print edition pages).

I hope you enjoy the new site as it continues to evolve! If you would like to receive a daily digest (3:00 p.m.) of posts in your email inbox, subscribe below.

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