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Misunderstanding leads to abduction scare at Sports Core in Kohler

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According to a police report provided by the Kohler Police Department, last evening (May 7, 2018), Sheboygan County dispatchers received a call regarding an attempted abduction. The dispatcher advised police that a male party had attempted to abduct two small children and their mother. The mother was able to escape from the male, get her children into her car, and flee the area. The dispatcher advised the mother would be returning to Sports Core.

After returning to Sports Core, the mother was interviewed by Kohler Co. corporate security and a Kohler police officer. She stated that she had left Sports Core carrying one child, while her 9-year-old son followed behind escorting a two-year-old sister. The mother was approached by a female patron informing her that a male leaving Sports Core had been speaking to her 9-year-old and 2-year-old, and the female patron was wondering if the man was the children’s father. The mother stated that she had not observed the male talking to her children, but advised her that he was not the father. She then put the kids in the car and left.

The Kohler officer then spoke to the 9-year-old son, who told them he was helping is 2-year-old sister, when a man exited Sports Core and scared them. The boy gave a description of the man.

Kohler Co. security then reviewed surveillance video and was able to identify the man, who is a member of Sports Core. The video showed the man exiting the main doors of Sports Core, appears to observe something in the parking lot, and then bolts out the door.

The man was contacted by police, and explained that as he was leaving Sports Core, he saw a 2-year-old girl walking toward the high traffic area of the Sports Core complex with what appeared to be an older brother, but the older boy was not directly escorting the girl, nor appeared to have control of the girl. The man did not initially see the mother, and feared the girl would be hit by a car, so he ran out the door toward the girl in an effort to prevent her from being struck by cars. The brother then interceded and took the girl’s hand, after which the man assumed the situation was under control, and continued on his way to his car and drove away.

It was then that the female patron, who witnessed everything, approached the mother to share her concerns. The mother called her manager at Sports Core, who advised her to return. The manager then contacted Kohler security, who in turn then contacted the Kohler Police Department.

The Kohler officer reported that he was confident that nothing nefarious had happened, and the case was closed.

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