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Kohler Volunteer Fire Department hosts Annual Awards Dinner on Saturday, February 23

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Submitted by Kohler Fire Dept. – Laughter, and well-deserved applause kept the Feb. 23 Kohler Volunteer Fire Department’s Annual Members Appreciation and Awards Dinner lively.

The special event, held at Town and Country Restaurant, included volunteer firefighters, guests, members and officials from the department and the Village of Kohler. Following a reception and dinner, Chief Mike Lindstrom, Assistant Chief Jack Jarvis and Assistant Chief Gary Lindow gave reports summarizing the business and firefighting activities and presented awards.Submitted by Kohler Fire Dept.

Allie Lindow was named the 2018 Firefighter of the Year. Firefighters Brandon McKnight and John Ewert each received Outstanding Service Awards. Tom Gast and Captain Chris Berlin were recognized for 25 Years of Service. Awards are presented to firefighters and members who exhibit exemplary leadership skills and commitment to the department and community, while demonstrating high degrees of motivation and achievement. The honorees are chosen by the chief officers.

“It is always a thrill to recognize exemplary service, and all of these volunteers deserve the honor this year,” said Assistant Fire Chief Jack Jarvis.

Chief Mike Lindstrom listed the year in review in which the Kohler Volunteer Fire Department responded to 121 calls in 2018 including: 19 structure fires,12 carbon monoxide calls, 39 fire alarm calls at both homes and businesses, 12 EMS calls, six Jaws of Life calls, eight natural gas leaks, eight equipment related problems, six car fires, four grass fires, four weather related problems, two water rescue calls and one plane crash.

Chief Lindstrom added that not all of these calls have been in the Village of Kohler and that the Kohler Volunteer Fire Department provides mutual aid to any community that needs help. Chief Lindstrom concluded that the department is actively looking for 6-8 more members to join our family of firefighters. If any village resident would be interested in giving back to our community, please email Chief Mike Lindstrom at or call the fire station at 920-459-3876 and leave a message.

In his closing remarks at the dinner, Chief Lindstrom said to the volunteers, “We appreciate everything everybody does, the firefighters, their wives and families and, especially the hours they put in.”

Village of Kohler Officials attending included Village President, Tom Schnettler (social member), Village Clerk-Treasurer, Laurie Lindow, Deputy Village Clerk-Treasurer, Cindi Gamb, Trustees Mike Zimmerman (social member), and John Ewert (active Firefighter).

The Kohler Volunteer Fire Department currently has 40 members made up of active firefighters, social members, honorary members and welcomes any Village of Kohler residents who are willing to join the ranks to help serve the community.

Allie Lindow receiving 2018 Firefighter of the Year award from Assistant Fire Chief Jack Jarvis, Fire Chief Mike Lindstrom, and Assistant Fire Chief Gary Lindow.
Allie Lindow awarded as 2018 Firefighter of the Year, Chris Berlin awarded for 25 years of service, and John Ewert awarded for Outstanding Service.
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