Kohler seventh-grader continues to soar in Chess

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Kohler seventh-grader Simran Bhatia took fifth place among 67 girls competing in the 15th Annual All Girls National Chess Championship April 20-22 in Chicago. A total of 487 girls from all 50 states competed in this USCF rated chess tournament.

To challenge herself further, 12-year-old Simran went on to compete in the age 14-16 Junior high school section among 56 girls, winning four out of six games, finishing 11th in the nation. Simran had the top standing from the State of Wisconsin in both of these tournaments.

Simran has now set her eyes on competing in the 119th Annual US OPEN Chess Championship which will be held in July-August 2018 at Madison WI. In this tournament she will be competing with top men and women chess players of all ages from all over the US. Good luck to Simran!

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