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Kohler senior helps improve children’s literacy in Sheboygan County

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On March 31, Kohler High Senior Kara Friske completed the second installation of her Read to Me, Read to You children’s literacy initiative. The primary model of her project, housed at the Sheboygan County Boys and Girls Club, was completed in June as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award Project.

Kara created Read to Me, Read to You to address and improve children’s literacy in Sheboygan County. Her project accomplishes this by creating a comfortable, exciting reading environment, providing children from all different backgrounds with direct access to age-appropriate books, and fostering the development of strong literacy foundations at a young age.

By encouraging reading aloud between an adult and a child together, Read to Me, Read to You employs an often overlooked yet necessary foundation of reading – seeing and hearing. Promoting two individuals to work together creates an environment keen to specific, personalized literary enhancement.

As she wanted to be the first to replicate her own project, Kara’s second installation of Read to Me, Read to You was completed on her own accord independent of her Gold Award. For her second Read to Me, Read to You, she worked with the Sheboygan County Salvation Army’s Emergency Lodge which provides shelter to displaced families. In redesigning the space, Kara was able to designate an area specifically for reading.

Welcoming and inviting, Read to Me, Read to You provided these children and their parents with the resources necessary for literary development, promoting and encouraging literacy in an interactive and engaging way. Her hope is that, through this project, Read to Me, Read to You will have a profound impact on the lives of these individuals, greatly strengthening the children’s literary foundation and providing families with a comforting spot to connect.


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