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Kohler School Foundation elects new board president

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At the May 1 meeting, the Kohler School Foundation elected Laura Gabrielse to serve as its next Board President. Her term will begin in June 2019.

Laura will succeed Amy Biznek who has served as Board President for the past five years. “There has been an undeniable surge of excitement and freshness of ideas and perspectives this past year. It is the perfect time to put that recent momentum to use,” said Biznek. “With Laura’s background, talent, and enthusiasm, the Foundation has complete confidence in her leadership.”

Biznek will remain on the board of directors to ensure a smooth transition. “Ever since Nina Kohler’s leadership of the organization, I’ve been mindful of the time she spent and tone she established. Without a doubt, that energy has been critical to the Foundation’s current success. During my tenure, I was entrusted to guarantee the board maintained that healthy growth and vitality. And now, Laura is the perfect successor to ensure the Foundation thrives in years to come.”

There is additional transition as well. Lydia Vaughan, having actively served on the board for well over a decade, will be stepping off at the end of the school year. The Kohler School Foundation welcomes Amy Harms and Penny Hahn as new board members. With Stephanie Price as its administrator, the organization has positioned itself for a strong future.

Gabrielse is aware that Fall Follies is an instrumental part of the Foundation’s success. “While the annual fundraiser is responsible for funding grants to the district, it has also become an evening that builds community and school spirit. The energy I witnessed at Follies last year gets me excited to become more involved,” notes Gabrielse, “Having been a student at the school and now an alum and a parent, I look forward to doing my part. It’s important to me to make a difference in our community.”

In addition to supporting the Annual Fund, a portion of the 2019 Fall Follies proceeds will also go toward the Foundation’s Visionary Endowment Fund. Save the date and mark your calendars: Kohler School Foundation’s Fall Follies will be held on Saturday, October 26, 2019.

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