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Kohler School District explores potential future parking lot expansion

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The Kohler School District is exploring the prospect of expanding its existing parking lot in the future. Three preliminary conceptual options provided by Bray Architects were presented to the Kohler Village Board at their August 19 meeting that would create more parking spaces while improving traffic flow and student safety during the dropping off and picking up students. Two of the options would eliminate the stretch of Upper Rd. from West Park Lane to Orchard Street.

Option 1, pictured below, shows the existing site. The parking lot creates safety issues and lots of confusion with students walking between cars during busy dropoff and pickup times.

Option 1

Option 2 shows two parking lots, each with its own ingress and egress divided by a paved, tree-lined walkway for students to safely walk to the building. To accommodate more parking spaces, the grassy playground area would be moved. The one-way drive under the canopy would be blocked during busy times, and reopened after the rush times.

Option 2

Option 3 is similar to option 2, but Upper Road would be eliminated to allow for more parking spaces. A Village Board member suggested the dangerous intersection at Upper Road and West Park Lane also be eliminated. Traffic would then enter from and exit onto Greenfield Drive rather than the former stretch of Upper Road.

Option 3

Option 4 is the same as option 3, except the existing playground green space is maintained by reducing the size of the west parking lot.

Option 4

As mentioned earlier, the discussions and plans are very preliminary as the school looks ahead to potential future growth.

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