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Kohler Police Department Update – Week ending 06-29-2019  

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Officer Schoch investigated a complaint from a duplex resident near Roosevelt Park where a vehicle was parked on his lawn.  Officer Schoch investigated and found that the resident of the other half of the duplex gave a friend permission to park on the lawn while attending the Kohler Company picnic.

Officer Schoch investigated a complaint from a resident regarding one of their lawn lights being damaged.  Officer Schoch’s investigation determined that a 13 year old boy was responsible.  Officer Schoch also found that the boy had stolen a bicycle in the City of Sheboygan.  The boy was turned over to his mother, but referred to juvenile authorities for delinquency charges.

Officer Schmitz assisted a party who was receiving calls from someone claiming to be an IRS or Social Security Administration Agent.  This is a common phone scam attempting to gain personal information to be used in an identity theft.  Officer Schmitz gave advice to the party on how to block the calls and protect himself from being scammed.

Officer Schoch, Officer Schmitz and Chief Darin all assisted with the Kohler Company’s Run for Clarity.  This was the first time the run was conducted on the south side, utilizing Roosevelt Park as the start/finish line.

Officer Hocevar investigated a suspicious complaint, where a customer walked into the Woodlake Pharmacy and found no one there.  Officer Hocevar checked the building and found an employee in the back room.  It was before opening hours and the employee was getting work done prior to the official opening.  Apparently the front door did not close tight and lock behind the employee after they had entered.

Chief Darin investigated a concern from a resident that someone may have been camping overnight in Roosevelt Park.  The park was checked at closing time and no one was located.

Officer Schmitz and a Deputy responded to a commercial burglary alarm in Sheboygan Falls. All of the SFPD Officers were tied up on another call.  The alarm was false.

Officer Schmitz received a noise complaint from a resident regarding a loud gathering at Cucina.  Officer Schmitz worked with Kohler Company corporate security to have the loud music/noise cease.

Officer Schmitz responded to the Sportscore where he learned that a male and 2 females had entered the building prior to it being open and used the pool and hot tub.  The trio was caught on surveillance cameras entering through an unlocked door.  The investigation is continuing.

Officer Sass assisted SCSD Deputies in the Town of Sheboygan where a resident reported people breaking into her garage.  Upon the Officers’ arrival, the garage was secure.  After interviewing the complainant, the Officers learned she is dealing with some mental health issues at this time.

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