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Kohler Police Department Update – Week ending 06-22-2019

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The David Earley case continues to affect the daily operations of the department.  Officer Gross is the lead investigator of the case, and has been working on it tirelessly.  Officer Gross’ patrol duties have been handled by myself and other Officers of the department during this time. An amended Criminal Complaint was filed this week adding more charges to reflect further victims. Bail was also raised from $50,000 to $125,000. The investigation continues.

We have all begun to patrol the hospital site and monitor the equipment present.  This will only get more demanding as time moves forward.

All Officers participated in Defense And Arrest Tactics training provided by Officer Schmitz, a State Certified DAAT Instructor

Officer Reinemann assisted a resident who was defrauded $200 via a virus threat on their computer.

Officer Hocevar assisted the KPAL with their first “movie night” at Ravine Park

Officer Hocevar investigated a suspicious vehicle complaint at Roosevelt Park.  He was able to identify the parties involved and had them leave the park.

Officer Sass and Officer Schmitz responded to several reports of gunshots near the Woodlake Shops.  The Officers determined that the sounds were fireworks being discharged.

Officer Sass assisted SCSD Deputies who were engaged in a pursuit on I-43.  The Deputies stopped the suspect vehicle by employing a PIT maneuver.  Officer Sass assisted in taking the driver and passenger into custody.

Officer Schoch assisted SCSD Deputies with an injury crash at Hwy Y and Hwy O.  She was the first unit on scene and determined that the at fault driver fled from the scene.  The driver was ultimately located and taken into custody after resisting the Officers.

Officer Hocevar located 2 small children operating their bicycles on the shoulder of Hwy 28.  They were supposed to be at their great grandparent’s house.  The responsible parties came and picked the children up.

Officer Schoch is investigating a disturbance between fellow employees at the PetSmart store.  She is conducting follow-up to determine if charges are warranted

Officer Schoch worked with Kohler Company Security regarding a missing teenager at the Kohler Company picnic.  The family was re-united and the situation was resolved.

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