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Kohler Police Department Update – Week ending 06-08-2019

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Provided by The Kohler Police Department

ALL Officers continued to fill in for vacationing Crossing Guard Lana Lensink at Highland Drive and Hwy PP

ALL Officers gave special attention to the security of the Kohler Schools due to anticipated senior pranks

Chief Darin investigated a rollover crash on I-43 just south of Hwy 23.  The driver was cited for unsafe lane deviation

Officer Reinemann investigated a three vehicle crash on Hwy 28 at Prange Rd.  The at fault driver was cited for inattentive driving

Officer Reinemann investigated a suspicious person complaint where a young boy let a man into his house to repair the dryer vent.  The man left shortly thereafter. The boy contacted his mom, who in turn called KPD, as their dryer vent was not in need of repair. Officer Reinemann located the repairman making repairs a couple of doors away.  The man went to the wrong address initially.

Chief Darin assisted in returning a confused man to his group home located in the Town of Sheboygan.  The man had become lost and disoriented and sought help from a Village resident.

Officer Schmitz assisted Sheriff’s Deputies with a rollover crash on I-43 at Hwy 28.

Officer Hocevar was busy at the school.  He cited one juvenile for disorderly conduct and in an unrelated incident cited another juvenile for theft.  Officer Hocevar worked with school Administrators all week regarding numerous senior pranks being conducted.  No one was hurt and there was no permanent property damage in any of the activities.

Chief Darin and Officer Schoch investigated a suspicious person complaint on Briarwood Ct.  The concerns were due to a lack of communication.  The issue was resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

Officer Schoch responded to the parking lot of the Ulta store regarding a dog in distress.  The anonymous caller reported that the dog was panting and that all the windows in the car were rolled up.  The caller embellished.  Officer Schoch found that the windows were all rolled down a bit and the dog was perfectly fine.

Officer Schoch assisted Sheboygan Falls Officers in attempting to locate a runaway juvenile from their city.  They were not able to locate the party

Officer Schoch, along with our partners from the Kohler Fire Department, responded to a home where the owner smelled natural gas and a person in the house felt ill.  The house was evacuated.  The KFD determined a small natural gas leak was present and turned the gas off.  The owner was instructed to contact the gas company.  Paramedics checked over the person who was feeling ill. They refused transport, as they recovered after being outside in fresh air.

In addition to her busy daily duties, Administrative Assistant Jodie Kuklinski prepared responses to an audit of the KPD being conducted by the Wisconsin Department of Justice regarding our use of various Criminal Justice Information Systems.  This audit is routine and is being conducted at all the other Sheboygan County Law Enforcement agencies as well.  Though routine, the audit is very thorough – and demands thorough and well documented responses.

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