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Kohler Police Department call summary for the week ending 4-13-2019

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Officer Reinemann investigated a trespassing complaint on River Wildlife property brought forth by Kohler Co. security. Two adult males were issued municipal ordinance citations for the violation.

Officer Gross and Officer Schoch responded to Buffalo Wild Wings where an intoxicated customer was causing a disturbance and refusing the staff’s request to leave. The male was escorted off of the property and a ride was arranged to pick him up.

Chief Darin mediated a lot line dispute between a resident and Kohler Co. where Kohler Landscape services mistakenly trimmed shrubs that were located on a resident’s private property.  It was deemed not a law enforcement matter. The parties were working out a resolution satisfactory to each.

Officer Reinemann responded to a residence where items from Amazon had not been received, even though Amazon had them documented as delivered. A Police report was required for Amazon to look into the matter deeper.

Officer Sass located a vehicle on Highway 23 that was wanted by the Sheriff’s Department for a road rage incident. A Deputy responded to the scene to investigate.

Officer Schmitz responded to Ebben Field where it was reported that young people had jumped the fence and were trespassing on the turf athletic field. The Officer found that the students were Kohler soccer players who had the coach’s permission to be practicing on their own. The coach provided them his key to the gate.

Proactively: Officers have begun foot patrols of the Village parks now that the weather is improving and more activities are occurring.

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