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Kohler Police Department call log for the week ending 4-6-2019

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Officer Reinemann investigated a theft of money from the locker room at the Sports Core. Kohler Co. Corporate security is involved. Follow-up will be conducted.

Officer Gross and Chief Darin responded to a house fire on School Street. A SCSD Deputy with a trainee was in the area and also responded. A handheld fire extinguisher was used in an attempt to stop the fire from spreading while waiting for the Fire Department to arrive. KFD arrived and aggressively conducted suppression activities. They stopped the fire from spreading, basically saving the house. Surrounding fire and police agencies assisted

Officer Schoch monitored election activities at the polls and provided security at closing time.

Numerous Officers and the KFD responded to false alarms at the Best Buy store throughout the week, including ‘Hold Up” and “Fire” alarms. Restoration activities are in progress and the manager believed the alarm activations were due to wiring issues related to the recent fire.

Officer Schmitz responded to a residence in the Village regarding a wearable medical emergency alarm. Upon arrival, he found that a caregiver was actually programming the new alarm that had been recently issued to her to utilize when visiting clients.

Officer Sass responded to Sheboygan Falls to assist SFPD Officers at a call where two males were reported to be fighting. Officer Sass stood by to assist in keeping the peace until the SFPD Officers resolved the issue and his help was no longer needed.

Proactively: 47 traffic stops were initiated by Officers during the week.

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