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Kohler Police Department call log for the week ending 03-30-2019

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The Kohler Police Department provides a weekly call log featuring notable calls for that week. The calls featured here give readers a snapshot of how their police department is serving the Village. Calls that are more personal or sensitive in nature will be excluded out of respect for privacy. The Kohler Villager thanks Interim Police Chief David Darin for providing these records each week.

03-24-2019 – 03-30-2019

Officer Chad Gross responded to the Tractor Supply store where the employees were concerned for their safety. The employees’ cars became surrounded by vehicles and people who were loitering in the parking lot near closing time. Officer Gross found that nearly 50 vehicles were parked in the lot. The vehicles were associated with a group of young people that “cruise” together. The group has been monitored in the past by the Sheriff’s Department for street racing on various county roads. The officer mediated the situation and later followed up with the manager of the store regarding lot posting requirements if they expect any law enforcement action to be taken.

Officer Chad Gross responded to the 500 block of Washington Square where a resident reported hearing a single gunshot outside their home. No other reports were received. The officer checked the area and did not locate anything suspicious.

Officer Katie Schoch responded to the roundabout at CTH PP and CTH A for a vehicle crash. A driver drove through the median, across the merging lane and over the curb before striking and knocking down a light pole. The 43 year-old Sheboygan woman was arrested for OWI. A preliminary breath test showed the driver’s blood alcohol level at .242. The legal limit is .08. Alliant Energies replaced the light pole the next day. This is the first documented crash at the new roundabout.

Officer Todd Reinemann responded to the 500 block of School Street where a resident reported a suspicious male going door-to-door, possibly soliciting. The officer was not able to locate the subject.

Officer Chad Gross was dispatched to Interstate 43 regarding a driver possibly operating while impaired. The officer observed the vehicle in question and stopped the vehicle at the request of the Sheriff’s Department. A deputy later took over the investigation and ultimately arrested the driver for OWI.

Officer Katie Schoch and Officer Chad Gross responded to the Target store at Deer Trace regarding a retail theft. Ultimately, their investigation determined that a 40 year-old Sheboygan woman had stolen more than $520 worth of merchandise over three separate occasions. The woman was arrested and transported to the Sheboygan County jail for misdemeanor charges.

Officer Katie Schoch assisted the Kohler Fire Department in extinguishing a chimney fire at The American Club.

Proactively: Officers monitored over 30 residences where the owners had filed “house check” requests while on spring vacation.

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