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Kohler middle school receives $500 grant from Exxon MOBIL

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Kohler Public School was awarded a $500 grant from Exxon Mobil Educational Alliance Program.  The grant is one that is made available to schools across the country for math and science.

As an Exxon Mobil Retailer, the Petro Centers, are proud to help students in the area.  The Petro Centers have to meet certain criteria to be approved for the grant.

The recipient of the Exxon Mobil grant is Rebecca Wojciehowski’s 6th science class.  The grant will be used to purchase new microscopes for the classroom.  Rebecca also teaches 7&8 grade engineering and design and 9th grade physical science.  All Rebecca’s  students will benefit from the Exxon Mobil Grant.

Additional Schools that received $500 Exxon Mobil Grants through the Petro Centers include:  St. Pauls Lutheran School, Sheboygan Falls High School, Immanuel Lutheran School, & Denmark High School.

Exxon Mobil & the Petro Centers are happy to give back to the community.

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