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Kohler High School music trip was magical

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By Hannah Neist

It was the end of the school day on March 20th and most of the high school were rushing to grab all of their luggage and get ready to go on the trip of a lifetime. Once we loaded the buses we were finally free from school work and ready to have fun. 168 students and adults entered the airport and after a few hours of getting everyone through security, we were ready to be on our way to Florida, people were too excited to even sleep on the plane. At last, we arrived at Disney Pop Century Resort.

The next morning everyone was ready to go embark on journeys with their friends and go to any of the parks of their choice. Whether they had visited many times, or their first time it was still magical. On our second day, the band and choir had the opportunity of performing at the Marketplace Stage in Disney Springs. The band and the choir performed in beautiful weather and we sounded great. We were surprised to see so many people from Kohler who surprised us and came to our concerts.

On our third day it was time for the workshops. The choir learned how to make sound effects and sang a medley from the movie Tangled, while the band learned how professional soundtrack recording works, and we finished our workshop by recording a Moana medley. With our workshops done, we had the rest of the day for the parks or the pools at the hotel.

So soon after arriving, our final day in Florida was upon us. We all took the buses to a park of our choice and made the most out of the last of our trip. Once arriving back from the parks it was finally time to go home.

We got on the buses and headed to the airport. Everyone this time was worn out and people slept most of the way back, but they had the memories of their most recent adventure to dream about.

The Kohler High school band and choir students would like to thank the chaperones, parents, teachers, and anyone else involved in helping us make it all the way to Florida and for the memories we were able to make with each other. It was a truly magical experience.

Hannah Niest, Noelle Candler, Caelyn Kaiser and Hannah Lisiecki on the Kohler music trip.

Kohler High School choir students take a bow after their performance at Disney World

Kohler High School band students record music with Disney composer and conductor Allen Gray.

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