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Kohler High School Music Notes

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On February 23, 2019 Kohler music students participated in the WSMA District Solo & Ensemble Festival.  Results were fantastic!  Because of limited space only the first place results are listed.  Congratulations to all participants!

Class C

Instrumental: Jazz Ensemble II; Middle School Brass Ensemble; Rory Potter-Trombone Solo; Brooke Krutilla-Tuba Solo; Stella Strickland-Alto Saxophone Solo; Ashton Brusse & Julia Kral-Tuba Duet; Danielle Stoffregen & Emerson Oldenhoff-Snare Drum Duet; Lauren Jarentowski-Alto Saxophone Solo; George Phillips-Snare Drum Solo; Danielle Stoffregen-Snare Drum Solo; Greg Tengowski-Drum Set Solo; Emma Truman-Flute Solo; Sophie Hamilton-Violin Solo.

Choral: Faith Lewis-Soprano Solo; Ethan Michon-Tenor Solo; Makayla Pierringer, Ella Pierce, Lauren Jarentowski, Sophia Zhang-Vocal Ensemble.

Class B

Instrumental: Grant Cunliffe-Owen-Baritone Sax Solo; Nicole Roatch, Anna Baxter, Allyson Foote, Jaclyn Patterson-Clarinet Quartet; Samantha Stalzer-Trombone; Cohen Otte & Owen Multer-Trumpet Duet; Harshal Kanade-Flute Solo;  Evie Brohn-Flute Solo; Hunter Fihn-Trombone Solo; Ava Childs-Flute Solo; Katelyn Roblee-Flute Solo; Megan Meyer-Flute Solo; Ava Childs, Katelyn Roblee, Megan Meyer-Flute Trio; Cecilia Zielke-Flute Solo; John Senti & Cohen Otte-Trumpet Duet; Eddie Bullard-Parade Drum Solo; Sophia Zhang-Flute Solo; Ella Pierce-Alto Saxophone Solo; Noelle Candler-Bassoon Solo; Greg Tengowski-Parade Drum Solo; Max Holmes, Eli Nugent, Jack Rummel-Euphonium Trio; Michael Schnur-Alto Sax Solo, Hannah Shvartsman-Violin Solo, Simran Bhatia-Piano Solo, George Philips-Piano Solo, Paul Ritter-Piano Solo.

Choral: Cole Brandemuhl-Tenor Solo, George Phillips, Paul Ritter, Isaac Wieland-Vocal Trio; Ava Childs, Katelyn Roblee, Kate Coppersmith-Vocal Trio; Hailey Brandemuhl-Alto Solo; Kimmy Schipper-Alto Solo; Hailey Brandemuhl, Grace Zhang, Sophia Zhang, Rachel Gartman, Kirsten Harrington, Lauren Jarentowski-Vocal Ensemble; Cheveyo Haubert, Tyler DeAmico, Brecken Cech, Jake Marventano-Vocal Quartet; Grace Zhang-Soprano Solo.

Class A

Instrumental: Jazz Ensemble; Kyle Cech-French Horn Solo; Sofia Cunliffe-Owen-French Horn Solo; Zacharias Coulis, Brian Zheng-Alto Saxophone Duet. Ashley Thyes-Piano Solo.

Choral: Katelyn Roblee-Music Theater Solo; Leilani Van Asten-Alto Solo; Fiona Hidri-Alto Solo; Kate Coppersmith-Alto Solo; Clara Montes-Music Theater Solo, Brooke Warren-Music Theater.

Class A State [Qualified for State Festival]               

Instrumental: Kelsey Sbrocco-Flute Solo; Marianne Ritter-Flute Solo; Kelsey Sbrocco & Cindy Zheng-Flute Duet; Clara Montes-Oboe Solo; Benjamin Wake-Alto Saxophone Solo; Ashley Thyes-Alto Saxophone Solo; Julia Ruelle-Tenor Sax Solo; Hannah Neist-French Horn Solo; Lily Montes-French Horn Solo; Shelby Horth-Trombone Solo; Tanner Thyes-Trombone Solo; Hannah Shvartsman, Lily Montes, Tanner Thyes-Brass Trio; Henry LeBlanc-Parade Drum Solo; Henry LeBlanc-Drum Set Solo. Lily Montes-Violin Solo; Griffin Montes-Violin Solo; Christopher Zhang-Piano Solo.

Choral: Voce; Madrigals; Makayla Pierringer-Alto Solo; Sophia Zhang-Alto Solo; Clara Montes-Alto Solo; Ava Childs-Music Theater Solo; Jaclyn Patterson-Music Theater Solo; Liz Perzewski-Music Theater Solo; Olivia Grosse-Music Theater Solo; Ava Childs-Alto Solo; Jaclyn Patterson-Alto Solo; Liz Perzewski-Alto Solo; Oliva Grose-Soprano; Tait Kohler-Soprano Solo; Erik Reinthaler-Tenor Solo; Leilani Van Asten-Alto Solo; Max Holmes, John Vallo, Chris Zhang, Collin Adams-Barbershop Quartet; Ben Heins-Bass Solo; Ben Heins-Music Theater Solo; Greg Tengowski-Bass Solo; Greg Tengowski-Music Theater Solo; Brooke Warren-Alto Solo; Shelby Horth, Sarah Horth-Vocal Duet; Shelby Horth-Soprano Solo.

Special thanks to Mrs. Kukla, Mrs. Hucke, Mrs. Klotz, Mrs. Klemme, Mrs. Christopherson, Mr. Dodds, and Mrs. Billmann for accompanying many of the student performances.

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