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Kohler High National Honor Society makes a difference in the community

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Submitted by the Kohler National Honor Society

On Saturday, February 17th, members of Kohler’s National Honor Society arrived at the Sheboygan County Interfaith Organization with their painting clothes on and their hands ready to help. Through its Bridgeway and Beyond Program, the Sheboygan County Interfaith Organization, or SCIO, offers families transitional living accommodations for up to two years and provides them with a family-like community of strength and stability. Residents are enveloped into a program which helps them to identify long-term goals and provides them with the means to progress towards self-sufficiency, altering their mindset to be centered around positivity and progress.

Putting in a cumulative total of 35 service hours in the one day, National Honor Society President Kara Friske and Vice President Remy Havens led members Ashlyn Finney, Leon Chen, Hallie Wollin, Brigita Kant, Cecelia Zielke, Kaleigh Roeder, Emily Balint, and Christy Zheng in two volunteer initiatives. The members worked as a team to mix, bake, and decorate over 300 cookies from scratch. These cookies were a thank you to the SCIO’s generous donors. Additionally, Honor Society members painted two of the SCIO’s rooms, bringing a bright, positive feeling to the spaces. This is a new volunteer partnership for Kohler High’s National Honor Society and both parties are excited to pursue future endeavors together.

For more information about the Sheboygan County Interfaith Organization and how to get involved please visit

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