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Kohler grad steps into Chief Justice role for Associated Students of Madison

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Kohler High School alum Quintin Zufelt (2017) began the school year at UW-Madison as Chief Justice of the Student Judiciary of Associated Students of Madison (ASM). ASM provides financial support for student organizations and includes four branches: The Student Council, Student Services Financial Committee, Student Judiciary, and Committees and Boards.

The Student Judiciary oversees ASM elections and resolves disputes between ASM and other parties. They hear and decide cases on a variety of subjects, including the appropriation of funds, election complaints, and discipline complaints of a Registered Student Organization.

In only his second year at UW-Madison, Zufelt, a college senior, rose to the Chief Justice position very quickly. His involvement with shared governance began while he was a student at UW-Sheboygan. While still in high school, Zufelt took classes at UW-Sheboygan and was elected Executive Director. The UW system nullified the election results stating that Zufelt was a special student and therefore was ineligible to run for office.

The following year Zufelt was no longer a special student and was able to run for student government again. He was elected to a Senate position and soon became Financial Director and chaired several committees. “I enjoyed being a watchdog of student segregated fees,” said Zufelt, “and having the chance to trim the fat from our public university system.”

After one year at UW-Sheboygan Zufelt transferred to UW-Madison where he was appointed to the role of Justice in the ASM Student Judiciary. When the office of Vice Chief Justice became open his fellow justices nominated and elected him.

This year, Zufelt found another opening when the Chief Justice resigned due to ethical violations, moving Zufelt into the Chief Justice role. “I make the most of every opportunity,” said Zufelt, “I am grateful for all of the opportunities that have come my way.”

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