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Kohler Elementary Science Fair 2018

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Submitted by Deb La Duke

The Kohler Elementary School Science Fair on May 17th, was an exciting day with 151 students participating and 117 displays. Children from Kindergarten through Grade 5 selected either an experiment, demonstration/description, or collection for entry and this year turned out to be another great representation of bright minds and strong work ethic.

The judging panel this year included: Dr. Mary Eldridge’s Upper Level Science class students, Mrs. Greene, Mr. Lautenschlager, Mrs. Beyersdorf, and Mrs. La Duke. Students were awarded either a blue, red, or white ribbon based upon the point values earned on their scientific knowledge and display.

Best of Class winners included: Kindergarten-Damien Gumm, Grade 1- Eli Horne, Grade 2-Claire Gajewski and Mickey Corneilsen, Grade 3-Kaolin Garrels and Oscar Gumm, Grade 4-Fynley Bouck and Jelena Chang, and Grade 5-Turk Morehouse.

Thank you to KPAL and the Kohler Public Library for use of the tables. Thank you to Jack Kral, Mrs. Luedtke, and the second graders in Mrs. La Duke’s class for help with table set up. Thank you to all Elementary teachers for allowing your students to be pulled from class for judging.

Thank you to the Perman family, Maner family, Ms. Tran, and Mrs. Greene for help with the take down of tables.

The children and families of the community of Kohler have again shown their commitment to excellence and accomplishment through their participation in this important event. Congratulations to everyone.

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