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Kohler Elementary School is honored with Wisconsin Title I Schools of Recognition Awards

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MADISON — State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor recognizes Kohler Elementary School as being among 107 schools in the state that received Wisconsin Title I School of Recognition honors in the 2019-20 school year.

The Schools of Recognition award is presented to schools leveraging federal Title I funding to provide additional resources and services to economically disadvantaged students. The staff and students of Kohler Elementary School earned an award for high achievement for the fifth consecutive year. The criteria is demonstrating high achievement at the school level across content areas and achievement gaps below 3%.

In addition to a fifth straight recognition for high achievement, Kohler Elementary has been recognized for the first time this year as a school of High Progress. To receive recognition for a school of High Progress, the school must fall within the top 10 percent of schools experiencing student growth in reading and mathematics.

“I am so proud of the Kohler Elementary staff, students and parents. To be one of the 7 schools in the state to be recognized for both high achievement and high progress is a great honor. Our multi-level system of support has been a foundation for us to ensure that all students succeed and show growth,” said Lisa Greene, principal of Kohler Elementary School.

Laurie Turner, Reading Specialist and math interventionist, notes, “These awards are a testament to the hard work by staff, students, and parents to help all students succeed.”

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