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Kohler Co. seeking approval to host wedding ceremonies on Wood Lake island

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Destination Kohler has requested permission from the Village of Kohler Property Committee to host wedding ceremonies on the Wood Lake island, located behind The Shops at Woodlake.

The island is Village property.Pending final approval from the Village Board, representatives from Destination Kohler estimate that it would host four weddings per year, each lasting about three hours and consisting of 50 people. Two of those hours would be for set-up/tear down, with the actual wedding ceremony lasting about an hour. Non-motorized floating rafts would be constructed to bring ten guests at a time to the island from either the Inn on Woodlake beach, or the cement rotunda at Cucina. The rental fee to the public would be $1,500. The Village would receive $500 from the fee.

The typical wedding ceremony would take place during a three-hour period between 12:00 noon and 6:00 p.m. Noise would be kept to a minimum due to lack of power, with a battery operated microphone for the officiant, and acoustic musicians. Battery operated lights may also be hung.

Modifications to the island would include grading of event space and a path from the shore of the island leading to the space. There would be some trimming of trees and grass, and a removable steps to the shoreline would be utilized. Proper safety flotation devices would be included with the raft, which would have a railing. If approved, the first wedding on the island would be held in 2019.

The Village Board sent the proposal back to the Property Committee after recommending that Kohler Co. send letters to Village residents living around the lake, so they may attend the July 9 Property Committee meeting to offer input. The Property Committee will then send the proposal back to the Village Board for consideration.

Scan of Kohler Co. proposal for wedding venue on Wood Lake island.
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