Kohler athletes earn All-Conference honors for fall season

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All-Conference honors have been awarded to the following Kohler athletes for tennis (TE), swimming (SW), soccer (SC), football (FB), volleyball (VB), and cross country (CC).


Front row from left: Olivia Grose (TE), Ava Hoffmann (TE), Molly Thomack (TE), Erin Pellegrino (TE), Katie Lacerda (SW), Ashley Thyes (SW), Madeline Wandschneider (SW), Kara Friske (SW).

Row 2: Joe Kay (SC), Shelby Horth (TE), Stephanie Spieth (TE), Sarah Sobecki (TE), Kaley Pilgrim (SW), Kasey Lacerda (SW), Khloe Rustan (SW), Sarah Cassidy (SW).

Row 3: Nick Wandschneider (SC), Colin Hogan (SC), Ben Herold (SC), Connor Cassidy (SC), Tyler Ruminski (SC), Jack Kohler (SC), Isabel Smith (VB), Henry LeBlanc (CC), Jack Kral (CC), Max Holmes (CC), Sean Farrell (FB), Joe Bugbee (FB).

Not Pictured: Joe Conklin (FB


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