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It is better to give than receive, unless the gift is Fresh Meals On Wheels!

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(Sheboygan Dec. 10, 2019) – For some seniors, their kneejerk reaction when their adult children recommend Fresh Meals On Wheels is, “I don’t need help, I can cook for myself,” or “I don’t need charity.”

Even very competent, independent people need help sometimes.
Getting Fresh Meals On Wheels does not mean seniors have to give up their independence or control over their lives. It doesn’t make them helpless or incompetent. It is an acknowledgement that as we age, we could all use a little help sometimes. Macular degeneration, arthritis, tremors, and limited mobility are just a few of the issues that make it difficult to shop for groceries or cook nutritious meals. Receiving Fresh Meals On Wheels is simply a way to make life easier for seniors – and their families.

Children worry about their parents.
These days many, if not most, adult children of seniors work full-time and have kids or grandkids of their own. They worry about their parent’s health and safety and feel responsible for ensuring their well-being. For them, Fresh Meals On Wheels can be an extra set of eyes and safety net. Every fresh, nutritious, home delivered meal comes with a daily wellness check. Even if they are not able to check in with their parents every day, they know that someone else is. If the parent is not feeling well, or is having some other issue, the adult children can be confident that Fresh Meals On Wheels will let them know.

Volunteers say delivering Fresh Meals On Wheels is very fulfilling.
Seniors often say they don’t want volunteers to go out of their way to bring them meals. Volunteers are not only willing to bring meals to people; they really enjoy it! They often say they get more out of it than the clients. Having someone else worry about lunch, gives the adult children of seniors who get Fresh Meals On Wheels more time to help in other ways, or to just spend time with their parents.

Most clients pay for their meals.
Many people assume that Fresh Meals On Wheels provides meals to anyone who asks at no cost. This is not true. We charge $6.50 per day for a hot meal, and $9.45 a day for both a hot meal and a cold meal. About 70 percent of our clients pay for their meals themselves. The other 30 percent get help from the Aging and Disability Resource Center, the Cancer Fund or the Fresh Meals On Wheels Love Account – resources that exist because everyone deserves to eat.

Since 1970, Fresh Meals On Wheels of Sheboygan County has been sending friendly, responsible volunteers out five days a week to deliver hot meals to homebound, elderly and disabled residents throughout Sheboygan County. In 2012, the organization went from contracting with a catering service to serving meals that are made in-house using fresh ingredients grown in the Meals On Wheels gardens and donated by local farmers and growers.

Fresh Meals On Wheels of Sheboygan County has no waiting list or income restrictions. For more information, call 920-451-7011 or visit

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