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INSIDE OUT: Using House Plants in the Garden

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Discover the growing trend that finds people using foliage and blooming house plants in their outdoor spaces.

On Thursday, April 11, Rob Zimmer will present a program titled “INSIDE OUT: Using House Plants in the Garden”.  Sponsored by Sheboygan County Master Gardeners the program will start at 6:30 p.m. in UWEX Room 5020.

Incorporating house plants in containers and garden beds is a hot trend. They can be used outdoors all season long, then either brought inside for the winter or treated as annuals. See examples of many colorful, creative ways to use house plants outdoors in combination with annuals and perennials in the garden and in containers.  It’s something most people have never heard of and it’s amazing, opening up a whole new way to look at plants.

Rob Zimmer is a nature and garden author, a radio host, and a photographer.   Many of his beautiful books are available online.  You can also follow him through his weekly WHBY podcast and his Facebook page “Robber Zimmer Outdoors”.

For more information contact Sue at 458-1848.

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