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Highlights from the Kohler PAO Auction

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On May 16, the Kohler Performing Arts Organization concluded their online auction. The newly designed 4-day online auction created a flurry of new excitement and fun unlike past auctions. The event raised approximately $20,000 to be used toward future scholarships and performance tours for the band and choir students.

The successful evening is due to the tremendous support and charitable donations offered by many local corporations and individuals. Our generous sponsors will be announced in the next issue of the Kohler Villager.

A special thank you to the enthusiastic and dedicated auction committee and volunteers for donating their time and talents to create a successful and newly designed online auction! While some committees completed their task, others only got started, and still other committees never began at all due to Covid-19 and the Stay at Home orders that changed this year’s auction format.  We would like to recognize the leadership team and all of the volunteers who make this organization strong:

Chairperson: Donna Schwinn Roblee
Chair Assistant: Robin Hamilton
Auction Site: Angela Vierkant
PAO Website Editors: Robin Hamilton, Eva Stokes
Silent Auction:
Donor Database:  Becky Schipper
Data Entry: Angela Vierkant, Amy Wieland,
Displays: Angela Vierkant, Amy Wieland, Ginger Diemel
National Donors: Marla Olsen

Live Auction: Heidi Becker, Shannon Bullard, Lisa Fritchen, Sarah Gartman, Robin Hamilton, Amy Harms, Shuangli Liu, Jennifer Mand, Megan Martin-Rohr, Scott Maurer, Trent Rammer, Joe Saunders, Donna Schwinn Roblee, Angela Vierkant

Venue/Menu: Kelly Kasten and Beth Tengowski

Invitations: Jenny Roatch

Invitation Distribution/Mailing: Robin Hamilton, Jenny Roatch, Donna Schwinn Roblee, Angela Vierkant

Graphic Design: Ken and Kristin Otte

Photography: Greg Tengowski

Publicity: Aiden Case, Jess Childs, Laura Conklin, Denise Keller-Kochan, Ken & Kristin Otte, Eva Stokes, Mary Struck/Kohler Villager, Ben Tengowski, Rich Tengowski

Video and Document Editing:  Ava Childs, Katelyn Roblee, Ben Tengowski

Call Committee: Sarah Loest, Scott Maurer, Laura Multer, Jenny Roatch

RSVP/Event Seating: Sarah Loest, Carolyn Reabe, Donna Schwinn Roblee, Jen Vallo, Kristine Wake

Raffles: Wendy Kukla, Kristin Otte, Tandra Sbrocco

Auction Catalog: Laura Conklin, Lisa Fritchen, Robin Hamilton, Pauline Krutilla, Laura Michon

Decorations: Heidi Becker, Jess Childs, Erin Coppersmith, Denise Keller-Kochan, Sheila Ryan, Tami Stoffregen, Suzanne Walter, Amy Wieland

Donation Pick-Up: Ginger Diemel, Gina Fibiger, Wendy Kukla, Sarah Loest, Scott Maurer, Tami Stoffregen, Eva Stokes

Event Registration: Jenny & Troy Roatch, Megan Shvartsman
Emcee: Diane Godlewski
Auctioneer: Daven Claerbout
Event Data Entry: Arvin & Rachel Montes
Cashiers: Erin Coppersmith, Ryan Tengowski
Thank Yous: Marla Olsen

Auction Delivery: Heidi Becker, Jess Childs, Laura Conklin, Wendy Kukla, Sarah Loest, Scott Maurer, Donna Schwinn Roblee, Tandra Sbrocco, Eva Stokes, Beth Tengowski, Kristine Wake

Kohler Performing Arts Executive Board: Jessica Childs, Angela Vierkant, Erin Coppersmith, MaryBeth Pierce, Eva Stokes, Richard Tengowski

Plans are already being made for the twenty-fourth annual dinner and auction on April 17, 2021.  The Performing Arts Organization would like to invite you to become involved in this exciting event.  If you are interested, feel free to call Wendy Kukla, Eva Stokes or Richard Tengowski at Kohler High School.

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