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Help Kohler Schools music students reach their highest note!

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Submitted by Eva Stokes, Middle School Music Teacher

Kohler Schools’ Music Department is seeking donations to fund the purchase of a new grand piano in the Kohler choir room and replace the current 1927 Steinway Grand. Our goal is to purchase a new Steinway Model M 5’7’’ Grand Piano.  We expect this instrument to last another 90 years at a cost of $60,000. As of March 1st, we are thrilled to report we have raised $24,270. We still need your help to get us to our goal!

More than 80 % of Kohler students participate in the music program.  This is an astounding fact! Without a doubt, the music program is one of the hallmarks of quality and pride in our community as noted by the National Music Educators Association as a 2001, 2007 and 2016 top 100 communities for music education in the nation. The students are the true testament to the relevance and importance of music education in the lives of young people and the world. Our school work is guided by a clear vision, that Kohler Schools is recognized for preparing 21st century thinkers and ethical and innovative leaders for a complex, global environment. Music education, practice, and appreciation are integral to living our vision.

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