Friday May 17, 2019 Students of the Week

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ATHLETE                STUDENT                KOHLER PRIDE
Baseball – Varsity  Reilley Horneck      Respect
Reilley has tremendous respect for his coaching staff. He is receptive of instruction and coaching by all coaches on our staff and is always polite with his communication to the coaching staff. When practice and games conclude, Reilley shakes every coaches hand and says “Thank You”.

Golf – Varsity          Tanner Thyes          IntegrityTanner is a natural leader. His teammates respect everything about his work ethic in the way he carries himself on the course and at the practice area.

Golf – JV                   Kelsey Freckleton Commitment
Kelsey quietly works very hard and shows the dedication needed to become the best she can be.

Soccer – Varsity     Madeline Thomas   Commitment &
Madeline Thomas is being recognized for her commitment and determination.  This is Madeline’s first year on the Varsity soccer team as our Goalkeeper.  With such an important role, Madeline is committed to developing her skills technically and tactically.  She works hard in practice, but then continues to practice her skills on her own free time.  Madeline has a very positive attitude and is always willing to learn and do that “little bit extra” to be best she can be for the team.

Soccer – JV              Julia Ruelle              Determination
Julia Ruelle is being recognized for her determination. This is Julia’s first year on the team and she has been working hard all season to continually improve her skills.  She approaches practices and games with a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. As a defender, Julia plays with intensity and determination.  She has become an important contributor to the team and we look forward to having Julia in the program over the next few years.

Tennis – Varsity      Evan Udovich          Achievement
Evan’s match was the last match on the court during our tennis dual meet against state ranked Madison Edgewood. The match was tied 3-3. Evan played an excellent match and defeated his opponent 6-2, 6-3. Evan’s victory sealed the Bombers win 4-3.

Track & Field         Elsie Kay                  Determination
Ellsie is willing to set pain aside to compete. She has great leadership skills and always brings a positive attitude to practices and competitions.

Track & Field    Eli Nugent           Leadership
Eli has an outstanding work ethic great attitude and his competition level is high. He is in the top 5 in conference in all of the events he has participated in.

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