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  • Art Club         Hannah Neist        Leadership
    Hannah is a great leader for our art club. She has taken her role as President with great pride and dedication. She shows passion and dedication to art and the art club. Her creativity and love for art is contagious.
  • Student Council         Cindy Zheng         Responsibility
    Cindy is being nominated and recognized for all her hard work with Student Council. She is always willing to step up and give extra time to anything that needs getting done.
  • Voce Bridget        Bullard & Clara Montes         Commitment
    Bridget & Clara did an amazing job organizing the “Singing Telegrams” for on Valentines Day for staff and students.


  • Boys Basketball-Varsity         Justin Cech          Determination & Commitment
    Justin has displayed DETERMINATION and COMMITMENT to his team for the entire season. As a leader of our “Blue Team” Justin has demonstrated strong work ethic and fantastic sense of being a high level teammate.  He cares about all of his teammates and celebrates others successes just as he would celebrate his own. We are extremely proud to have Jabazzzz contributing to our program in the ways he does.
  • Boys Basketball-JV        Cooper Zielke         Determination
    Cooper has been a strong player for JV basketball this year. He has greatly improved in winning in the non-stat areas: boxing out, communicating, hustle, leadership, and others. Cooper always plays a major role both on and off the court, as he has become one of our best vocal leaders.
  • Boys Basketball-JV        Jack “Hustle” Rummel         Commitment
    Jack brings great energy to the JV basketball team. He is always leading by example and pushing his teammates to match his energy. Through hard work, Jack has greatly increased his offensive basketball abilities as well.
  • Boys Basketball-JV2        Henry Dierkes         Determination
    Henry’s determination to improve has resulted in a considerable impact on the overall play of himself as well as his teammates. He is one of our most improved players this season, and his commitment to excellence is one of his best character traits.
  • Boys Basketball-JV2        Jack Horneck         Dedication
    Jack has consistently shown dedication to the basketball program and his commitment to the sport has benefited himself in his play as well as his teammates
  • Girls Basketball-Varsity        Cecelia Zielke         Achievement
    Cecelia is being recognized for ACHIEVEMENT after having reached the 1,000 career points threshold on Saturday, February 2 at Reedsville. Throughout her high school basketball career, Ce has demonstrated commitment, determination and consistency – all traits critical to meeting this remarkable feat. She now joins an elite group of Kohler Girls Basketball players who share this accomplishment. Congratulations, Cecelia.
  • Girls Basketball-JV        Kennedy Gebler         Determination
    GBB JV – Kennedy is being recognized for the grit and determination that she has demonstrated over the course of the season.  In a season that has been trying due to the limited number of players, Kennedy has provided a consistency to the team that is greatly needed and appreciated.
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