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Four Kohler students finish in top 20 at math meet

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The Kohler Math Team, coached by Diane Godlewski, competed at the annual Lakeland Math Meet on October 16. Four students finished in the top 20:

Jack Kral (Tied for 14th)
Leon Chen (Tied for 11th)
George Palof (Tied for 7th)
Keith Baka (6th place)
Kohler Team 1 (Keith, Leon, Jack, George, Ashley Thyes, Doug Wake, Alex Holland, and Harshal Kanade) finished in 3rd place overall out of 35 teams.
Team 1: Doug Wake, Harshal Kanade, Ashley Thyes, Leon Chen, George Palof, Alex Holland, Keith Baka, Jack Kral

Kohler Team 2 (Avi Murthy, Hallie Wollin, Christy Zheng, Kate O’Leary, Nicole Konecke, Cecelia Zielke, Shelby Horth, and Shannon O’Leary) finished 7th out of 35 teams.

Other students who participated:
Team 3: Leo Dai, John Balint, Justin Cech, Tanner Thyes, and Jack Rummel.
Team 4: Erik Reinthaler, Griffin Otte, Brian Zheng, and Ben Wake
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