Fifth graders house the Owls

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By Katie Tipton & Allison Gajewski on behalf of Girl Scout Troop 8381

The Kohler 5th grade Girl Scout troop 8381 has achieved their goal to complete their Bronze award. The Bronze award is the highest award a Junior Girl Scout can earn. We have constructed owl houses and installed them throughout our community.  We believe that owls deserve a decent home. Deforestation has taken away many natural owl shelters. Some owls are now considered threatened species. They are an important part of our ecosystem and the food chain. We are hanging our owl houses in the community so we can help owls survive. The Schlitz Audobon Center helped teach us about owls and helped us construct  our owl houses because they believe all creatures deserve to live a long and happy life. We made five owl houses and because of the Schlitz Audobon Center’s kindness, we donated two owl houses for them to hang on a tree. We took three to Kohler to hang up. We are going to hang one up at the Waelderhaus Haus where they can make a happy home and do their job in the food chain.

*Editor’s note: If anyone sees owls occupying the house, let me know, or send photos to

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