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Dogs will be banned from Kohler cemetery

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The Kohler Village Board approved a new ordinance banning dogs in Kohler’s portion of the cemetery (including on Memorial Day) due to increasing noncompliance of an existing Village-wide ordinance requiring that dog owners pick up and dispose of their dog’s waste.

A member of the Cemetery Committee said dog waste is Kohler DPW’s number one problem in the cemetery. Village lawn mower tires caked with dog waste often have to be power washed. Bags provided for picking up waste are often left laying around. People visiting loved ones buried at the cemetery often have to endure smelly dog waste laying near their sacred spaces.

Signs banning dogs will be posted on or around May 1. The citation will be $10, plus court costs, for a total of $73.63. Residents should call the Kohler Police Department if they see an infraction. (Service dogs are exempt).

Potential offenders should be aware that it’s within the legal rights of citizens to photograph them or their dog for evidence.

This map shows boundary for the Kohler cemetery where the dog ban will be in effect. Be sure someone is within the Kohler boundary before calling police.


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