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Details of Cty. PP construction/closures that begin Monday, May 7

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The first phase of construction of County Road PP will start May 7 (after the morning rush hour) around the area of Washington Square and continue to the I-43 overpass. During that time, County Road A will be closed at Highway 28, prohibiting traffic northbound on Cty. A.

Washington Sq. to I-43 overpass

Kohler Co. associates are being directed to take Highland Drive to Twin Oaks Rd. to enter and exit Kohler Co. Originally, there had been plans to allow traffic into Kohler Co. from Cty A via a temporary access road at the Counties PP and A intersection, but the access road will now be mainly for construction vehicles and trucks needing to get to the landfill area.

Kohler Co. associates use Twin Oaks Rd. in and out of Kohler Co.

The second phase will include the section from the I-43 overpass to just before South Taylor Drive, around the area of Esslingen Park.

Those sections — including the roundabout at Cty. PP and Cty A — are expected to be completed sometime around mid-to late June. Cty A will be reopened and Kohler Co. associates may then use the new roundabout to enter the company property.

Lasts until around late June

Around July 4, the intersection at Highland Drive and Cty PP will then be closed for construction of that roundabout. Village residents living in the South 1 neighborhood will be able to enter Cty PP from Roosevelt Road. The entire project is expected to be completed by about the middle of August. (See this article for more information about the second roundabout to replace the current stoplights)

Highland/PP roundabout construction begins around July 4
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